Meet Jessica, the Maker of Frönen…

I had a blast chatting with Jessica, Co-Founder of Frönen – and if you don’t know what that is, you should! It makes life on AIP in the summertime so much better, yay! Frönen is a dairy-free ice cream made with only 5 ingredients or less. Nothing hard to pronounce or digest. Inside every pint, fruit and coconut cream are sweetened with honey or maple sugar to create a rich, creamy base for a guilt-free indulgence that’s AIP-friendly!

Frönen was created by college students Jessica and her friend Erik in their college dorm, using his grandmother’s recipe. I got the chance to chat with Jessica and was inspired by her story of ingenuity. Read on for a little inspiration yourself…

Jessica, please tell us your story!
When I was thirteen, I was diagnosed with celiac disease and dairy sensitivity. Limited to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet, I longed for a healthy and tasty non-dairy ice cream. Alternatives packed with refined sugar, gums, “natural” flavors, and artificial ingredients left me feeling sick. Lighter options diluted with water lacked flavor and contained sugar alcohols that upset my stomach even more.

By the time I was in college, I lost all hope with packaged desserts. Determined to not let food allergies restrict one of life’s greatest joys, my co-founder Erik and I decided to raise our spoons and experiment in the kitchen. There, Erik introduced me to his grandmother’s fruit-based “nice cream” recipes. We then perfected Frönen – an irresistible dessert that’s made with just fruit, honey, and coconut cream. We shared our treat with college friends who loved it. Now, we are offering our culinary creation to you. With Frönen, you don’t have to compromise between taste and health. So, dig in and indulge!

What hurdles have you faced, especially in regard to your health?
Growing up with celiac disease, it was so challenging to find gluten free packaged products that didn’t contain additives like gums or refined sugar. Gums and cane sugar often made my symptoms even worse! I had chronic stomach pain prior to cleaning up my diet. It was sometimes so bad that I couldn’t move for hours and would not be able to attend class or social events.

I thought I was healthy because I was gluten free but WOW was I wrong! Gluten free does NOT equal healthy. This took so long for me to finally understand. Ingredients are everything!

How have you gone from missing class to starting a new business?
Definitely by cutting out additives, especially refined sugar, and eating a diet rich with fruits and veggies. I decided to educate myself about the impact food has on the gut. I feel like in recent years, there has been so much more information online that is accessible to the public! I’m so grateful for that.

My health issues definitely inspired me to create an ice cream option that I felt great about eating and sharing with others. I LOVE dessert, and I was so tired of having to make it myself every night. Frönen is a packaged product, but it has the same quality and ingredients as what you would make at home.

I also love running, especially in the summer. Running has helped me focus and sleep better.

What challenges or struggles do you still have?
Starting a business is tough. Balancing my health and running a business is a big challenge since the business can be completely consuming. I constantly remind myself that I have to make time for me to be mentally clear and ready to tackle the day.

What is your favorite Frönen flavor?
Strawberry all the way! I love to eat strawberry Frönen topped with fresh fruit and dates.

Pretend with me for a second: if I could wave a wand that would magically create a product or resource (besides a magic pill) that would help you with your challenges surrounding your health, what would it be?
I wish there was an equivalent to Amazon’s ALEXA that could tell me how each food I eat will make me feel and how it will nourish my body. Maybe someday this will exist!

Jessica, how can people follow you?
You can find me on:
Instagram @eatfronen
Facebook at Fronen
Or check out my website where you can shop for the 4 compliant ice cream flavors! Use code AIPBOX to get 25% off your order!

Inspired or encouraged by something that Jessica shared? Email me at and I’ll let her know!

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