What I Learned from the Paleo Mom This Weekend (Part 2)

On Nutrients: Offal, seafood (especially shellfish), and leafy green vegetables are the most nutritious foods you can eat. Nuts and seeds are eliminated on AIP because so many people have a high sensitivity to them, and people with autoimmune issues have up to 5x sensitivity to nuts and seeds than the average population.  However, they […]

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What I Learned from The Paleo Mom This Weekend (Part 1)

As I fly over snow-covered Minnesota, I have a lot of time to sit here on the plane and reflect on the incredible experience I just had at the first ever Paleo Mom Workshop in Santa Cruz, California. The tranquil retreat center was nestled in the middle of the redwood forest, and the abundant AIP […]

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Traveling on AIP

Does the thought of traveling on the Autoimmune Protocol strike fear into your heart?  If so, you’re not alone! A couple of weeks into my Autoimmune Protocol journey, I had a big realization:  I had the opportunity to travel away from home during the strict elimination phase.  Not just once or twice, but at least […]

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