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I am so inspired by the maker of one of our favorite products, Lexi of Lexi and Lyme apparel.  Lexi decided that instead of being defeated by her disease, she would share her story to bring awareness to Lyme and found a way to contribute money to research, as well!  Read on and be inspired by what she has overcome and why she is passionate about her cause.  🙂

Lexi, please tell us your story!
After feeling unwell but functional almost my whole life, in 2015 my body finally reached its breaking point.  I had moved into a house with mold, and the combination of high stress and undetected Lyme disease and a variety of parasites and viruses caused an extreme reaction in my body.  I began to have anaphylaxis to nearly everything I ate for several weeks and had to be hospitalized.  I later learned that this was caused by Mast Cell Activation Disorder and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, likely caused by untreated chronic infections and toxin overload.

In August 2016, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and have since developed daily seizures, POTS and Osteopenia throughout my spine, in addition to other multi-system complications. I have made it my focus to regain any aspects of my health I can while trying to enjoy life to the best of my abilities and spreading awareness of Lyme Disease.

You can read my full story here: and on my blog:

What hurdles have you faced, especially in regards to your health?
Overcoming regular anaphylaxis was a huge accomplishment for me.  I used Biomerdian Testing to discover some food intolerances, and listened to my body for others. The reason why I am so passionate about what Laura does with Simply AIP is because AIP is a big part of how I broke my anaphylaxis cycle.  By embarking on AIP and cutting out inflammatory foods, it allowed my body to reduce my “over reactive” stress state and allowed me to eat with less adverse effects.

Even though I have reduced the anaphylaxis events, I am still in the thick of my illness both physically and emotionally. However, I can say that each time I get through the flares or extra tough times, my mental health improves knowing that if I can get through that moment, I can get through whatever comes next.

What is your inspiration to get through the tough times?
My biggest inspiration from my journey has been reconnecting with myself–who I am, what I want, what I value, and what brings me joy.  I learned those things quickly when I only had an hour of energy a day and I wanted to spend it doing whatever made my heart feel full.  And hey, these tough times have inspired me to create this brand and help others too!

Were you into natural/health products before your health issues?
Having a history of abdominal migraines as a child caused me to be interested in natural products and clean eating at a very young age, and I also took nutrition in college.

What other things besides AIP have you tried to improve your health?
Different diets + working with food sensitivities
Physiotherapy + yoga
Acupuncture + Traditional Chinese Medicine
Osteopathy + Cranial Sacral Therapy
Reducing chemicals in my home, supplements, makeup + skin care
Naturopathic Medicine + IV’s
Stem Cell Therapy
Meditation + spiritual work
Reiki + energy healing

How did you begin to make your own products?  
The first year that I was very sick, I felt a lot of shame and hid my illness from as many people as I could. As I started to feel better and have less brain fog, I was able to see that if I continued on the path of feeling shame I would never truly heal. I wanted to share my story in a way that would inspire and educate others. Together, this dream of helping others and the help of a good friend made it happen.  I began making my products in December 2016, and I launched Lexi and Lyme in August 2017.

What is your favorite product?
I spend a lot of time at home and love to feel cozy, so I would have to say the Unisex Fleece Hoodie.  I love how comfy hoodies feel like a hug around the neck. 🙂

Pretend with me for a second:  if I could wave a wand that would magically create a product or resource (besides a magic pill) that would help you with your challenges surrounding your health, what would it be?

I would love to create a facility where young adults debilitated by illness can affordably live independently or semi-independently.  Many people cannot afford to live on their own, or are physically unable to, and not everyone has family to stay with during these trying times. I believe environment is a very important aspect of the healing process.

Think of it as assisted living for the elderly, but tailored for younger people to allow them to keep some independence but also provide support and the opportunity to connect and make friends with those who are walking similar paths. I see it as a transition place where they would go until they are ready to embark on their own again once their health has improved.

Lexi, how can people follow you?
You can find me on:
Instagram @lexiandlyme
Or check out my website where you can shop for apparel for a cause.

Inspired or encouraged by something that Lexi shared?  Email me at and I’ll let her know!
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