Emotional Support

Traveling on AIP

Does the thought of traveling on the Autoimmune Protocol strike fear into your heart?  If so, you’re not alone! A couple of weeks into my Autoimmune Protocol journey, I had a big realization:  I had the opportunity to travel away from home during the strict elimination phase.  Not just once or twice, but at least […]

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Most Important Part of AIP

What’s the most important part of AIP?  (hint:  it’s not food)   What was the first thing that you did when you started researching the Autoimmune Protocol?  I started by reading the list of foods that aren’t allowed during strict elimination.  And then I thought, “OMG, if I have to give up all this food, […]

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7 Ways to Build Your AIP Tribe

When my doctor first recommended that I look into the Autoimmune Protocol to help ease my joint pain, I had no idea what she was talking about.  To be honest, I barely even knew what Paleo meant…that’s the Caveman Diet, right?  I knew a couple of people who followed Paleo, but the Autoimmune Protocol?  Not […]

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